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Richtlinien des Bujinkans, Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi
Richtlinien des Bujinkans, Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi
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The Bujinkan should only be open to those who agree with and maintain the Bujinkan Hombu Dojo’s guidelines. Those who do not, should not be allowed to participate.

1. Only those who have read and agree to these guidelines are allowed to participate.

2. Only those who are able to exercise true patience, self-control and devotion are allowed to participate.

3. Persons who are mentally ill, addicted to drugs or mentally unstable should be excluded from the training, as well as persons who lack self-control.

4. Persons with a criminal certificate of good conduct should be rejected. Troublemakers, those who commit crimes and break local laws, should be turned away.

5. Those who do not respect the Bujinkan’s policies and commit dishonorable or ignominious acts as practitioners or members of society should be expelled. So far the Bujinkan Dojo has been accessible to a large number of people who came to Japan. Unfortunately, there were people among them who committed violent acts, partly under the influence of alcohol; mentally ill and troublemakers who thought only of themselves and did not see that their actions harmed others. These individuals threw away the traditional righteousness of the Bujinkan through their actions. From that day on, such persons should be excluded.

6. Accidents that happen during the training (inside and outside the Dojo) should not be charged to the Bujinkan. That’s an extremely important point. Those unwilling to assume personal responsibility for accidents that occur during Bujinkan training should not be included. To make things clearer again: the Bujinkan, no matter where, no responsibility for accidents that occur in the course of training, take over!

7. All who join the Bujinkan must have an annual membership card. This card not only preserves the honor of the Bujinkan members, it also identifies you as part of a large group whose members come together with the heart of a warrior to improve themselves through training and friendship. It embodies the glory of the warrior virtues and at the same time expresses loyalty and brotherly love.

8. The Bujinkan tradition recognizes the nature and diversity of human life and is aware of what naturally flows between these two parts. “The secret principle of Taijutsu is to know the foundations of peace”. The path of the immovable heart (Fudoshin) should be learned.

The code of the dojo is:

1. To know that patience comes first.
2. To know that the path of human beings arises from justice.
3. To renounce greediness, inertia and stubbornness.
4. To regard grief and sorrow as natural and to strive for the immovable heart.
5. Not to stray from the path of loyalty and brotherly love and to invigorate the heart of Budo.
6. Compliance with the Code is part of the Dojo Guidelines.

Beginner training starts with Taijutsu

Kyu level: beginner
First to fifth Dan: Ten (Heaven) Fifth to Tenth Dan: Chi (Earth) Tenth to Fifteenth Dan: Jin (Human)

Recently, the Bujinkan has indeed become international. Just as there are different time zones, there are also different taboos among the people and nations of this world. We must respect each other and try to break down such taboos. In the first place the heart of the warrior should stand and together we have to work on our own perfection and that of Bujinkan.

Those who do not maintain the above guidelines should be excluded from the Bujinkan.
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