Bujinkan Swiss Dojo Uster | The Dojo
Seminare, Bujinkan, Swiss Dojo Zurich, Pietro Luca, Dr. Maasaki Hatsumi, Kampfkunst
Bujinkan Swiss Dojo Zürich Schweiz, Ninjutsu, Nicole Hammer, Pietro Luca, Shihan, Kampfsport, Kampfkunst, Kampfsport Schule
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The Dojo

Our dojo is located in Uster. The area over 120 sqm, with mats, offers all sorts of possibilities to practice techniques. Even with Bo, Yari and Naginata you don’t get into space. Although everyone usually has their own equipment, a variety of training weapons are available, including softbokks, softjos and softbos.

The central eye-catcher in the dojo is our shrine/weapon holder. It was built on its own for several months. Many of our members sacrificed/invested one Saturday at a time and, last but not least, a lot of money for the materials. The result of our community effort is now perched in our dojo and the sight fills us with pride and joy every time.